Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back from the Dead...(;

I'm so sorry I haven't posted since last August! I guess with going back to school, starting a new job and the regular everyday stuff I haven't found the time. Unfortunately I haven't been creating much either. My friend Cindy invited me to a scrapbooking event at the end of December where I got really sick and had to leave early. I did have time to create two simple cards before I left.

Next are a couple of cards I recieved from my talented friends for Christmas!
This one is from my best friend Cindy. We are both school bus drivers so I thought this was sooooo cute! I just love it...too bad the glitter doesn't really show up in the picture.
This is from my friend Wilda. I love the crystal effects used on the berries. It's simply beautiful!
Well, back to studying for now. Hopefully it won't take so long for me to post in the future. I must say that I still check your blogs and am in awe of the talent out there!
Yours in Kreation,